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[NOTE - Bruno added to this post. The original post was only broken up, but otherwise not edited in any way.]

Amy wrote:

After reading some of this "Extreme Wisdom," I feel that my IQ has dropped to a point that my brain waves may be "unsustainable."

Bruno writes:

Typical of the knee-jerk supporters of public education...always start with a substance-free personal attack.

Amy wrote:

Education is not a financial burden. Public education is a responsibility to all tax payers. Why is it that only the rich complain about paying taxes for social security and education? Is it really going to hurt your super wallet to help others. After all, the Bible says you should help others, especially poor people.

Bruno writes:

Tell the people who are being taxed out of their homes that paying 75% of their ever-increasing property tax bills to a dysfunctional education system isn't "a financial burden."

It most certainly is.

Next, if taxpayers are 'responsible' for a so-called 'educated populace,' then they have the right to question how much, and the way, money is being spent.

It is being wasted in massive quantities, and we are worse educated than we were when we were spending less. These are facts. All your dogma and devotion to "the system" can't change those facts.

Read a few books. Open your mind. No one argues against educating a populace. We deserve a system that works, not a public employment program for the politically protected.

Your complaint about the rich is shopworn "class warfare". We can have a better education system for much less money, and it is you who prevent it by shamelessly protecting a bad system instead of informing your self as to its true nature.

The Bible says nothing about protecting a corrupt monopoly. Read up on the issue and help people like me throw the "money changers" from the "temple" of education.


If you are not a trained educator, how can you criticize the education system in that manner? How can you call it dysfunctional? Do you know the purpose of education? You do have the right to question your tax dollars, but give specific criticism that can be constructive. Ask a teacher how their school is doing. Don't speak in such gleaming generalities.

Bruno Replies:

I'm a trained parent of a 15 year-old. I'm also a graduate of a public education system that used to work better, but nowhere near as well as it could have even then (1965-78)

I've read numerous books about education, brain development, economics, and philosophy.

I'm an attorney, and a former general contractor who learned plumbing, carpentry, electrical, etc. on my own. I've started three business.

In short, I reject your "credentialism." I know enough about the education system to know that it doesn't take bureaucratic bloat and ever increasing budgets to get an "educated populace."

I know enough to know that we've gotten better education for less money, and can again.

I know enough that in a world with every piece of knowledge you may ever need on the internet, the "brick & mortar", bureaucratized setting is no longer the only way to educate. Give people a choice.

I know enough to understand that the monopoly you are defending is incapable of educating a nation that needs to be able to compete with India, China & the rest of the world.

I'll gladly debate you - or any one else - in any fair forum, on this topic.

The education of our nation is too important to be left in hands of people whose intent is to indoctrinate (you call it 'socialize') all the children while bankrupting their parents.

Please take me up on my offer.

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