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Who is BIG ED?

BIG ED is my metaphor for "Big Education", which is most easily described as the "Education Industry".  BIG ED is fat, lazy, overfed, and prone to believing he has the right to stay that way.

BIG ED is NOT "special", in that the people who work for him are not an untouchable cadre of high priest bringing the gift of knowledge to our children.  Rather, they are union shop worker bees who want the most money for the least amount of work.  Some are better than others, but BIG ED refuses to let you discern the differnence.

Remember that BIG ED is an industry, and because of its unobstructed access to nearly $500 billion of taxpayer dollars with out any competition, BIG ED is as corrupt as any industry and/or business out there.


"BIG ED" is also a soundbite, a meme (see post on memetics below), as well as an opportunity for all of you to become more persuasive in attacking the bloated education industry.

Depending on your audience, another VERY effective meme that effectively attacks public education are the words "Governmental/Educational Complex".  For those of you educated enough to know where that comes from, you should immediately recognize why using this term will be effective.

Here is some advice for discussions, debates, and conversations. Practice using "BIG ED" and/or "Governmental/Educational Complex" in your discourse.  Be prepared for a question like "What do you mean by that?"

Presto. A remarkable opportunity to stick a small wedge in a previously closed (or unconscious) mind. Be nice, but firm.

Remember, it isn't about the number of conversions. It's about the number of conversations.

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The reason why he is fat and lazy is that it is do nothing job security for the Democrats. Wasting money, even if it is a nickel a person, over so many other people, sure adds up.

Posted by: Gary Karlin | January 23, 2005 08:28 PM

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