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Bruno, you wrote: "It's sad. In nation where small businesses and new ideas create financial empires, no one is considering opening a school on their corner, converting their basement into a learning center, or otherwise providing alternatives to our decrepit public education system." Most parochial schools in this country were started by religious men and women -- Catholic, Jewish, Lutheran, etc. -- who had nothing but a basement or tiny storefront when they began instructing their first students. In fact, immigrant nuns such as the great Mother Cabrini often had to fight their own Church hierarchy to realize their vision of thriving schools. They often secured funding by some one on one arm twisting of wealthy parishioners or successful businessmen. Within a generation or two these schools were teeming with children whose parents were seeking a good education in a disciplined, religious environment. The problem with parochial schools today is that many have accomodated the intellectually and morally dumbed down wider culture and abandoned their first principles.



While your history lesson regarding parochial schools is accurate, you make the same point that I make. These schools have adopted the same horrific curricula of the public systems.

Further, it must be added that parochial schools no longer serve the needs of the promotion of educational choice. They are necessary, but not sufficient.

We NEED to build an alternative education system of tutors, private practice teachers, learning centers, and home & private schools that are non-religious. We MUST get around the Blaine Amendments in state constitutions.

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