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Did anyone get a chance to see John Kerry on Meet the Press on Sunday morning? What a goof, I can't believe I was actually worried back on November 2nd. A question was asked around the legitamacy of the Iraqi elections - he states that when a large part of the country is not participating in the democratic process, one could say that the legitamacy could be in question. The fact of the matter is that all Iraqis had the opportunity to participate, some chose not to. Similar to our own democratic process, not all Americans chose to vote back on November 2nd. I guess as a losing presidential candidate you could argue the legitamacy of the election based on that thinking. He's got a bunch of sour grapes and wants to make some wine ....



It took you that interview to know he was a goof?



Gary Karlin

What was the last good thing to come out of Boston? The tea party or seafood?

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